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    Drink More Coffee! You Can Sleep When You're Dead.

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    100% Parrot Friendly Coffee and Books

    The finest organic shade grown fair trade parrot friendly coffee and actual real dead tree books, the kind you'd love to sit with snuggled up by a fire or relaxing on a beach. Plus some unique Parrotphernalia you probably won't find anywhere else.

    Stay Awhile

    Sunny days or rain. Hang out at our online neighborhood coffee and book shop just off the Information Superhighway. A place to relax, drink a damn fine cup of coffee, and engage in conversation and an exchange of ideas. Our spokesparrot and resident witch Princess Tara lives here.

    More than Coffee

    Our Hyacinth Macaw Parrot Princess Tara is a real princess. Her parronts are a Duke and a Duchess. And Princess Tara is a witch. We should know. She would love to tell you all about it. In fact, she has. In the ongoing saga of The Princess Tara Chronicles, available in our Blue Parrot Books book shop. What do you do when you discover your parrot is a witch? A witch with a coffee addiction. And she needs your help to save your world from a cannibal warlock and his zombie army of the dead.

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